Providing All The Tools You Require

Services Introduction

High Quality Support

When Solstar was created, it was felt that within the paper Industry, the quality of technical service and support (both in mills and from suppliers) had declined in recent years. The cornerstone of Solstar’s offering is to provide high quality support using the knowledge and experience gained over many years. This approach has been embraced by a number of customers who now regard Solstar as being in effect their ‘part time’ Mill Chemist or Technical Manager.

Solstar set out to gain access to a wide a range of relevant technologies, with the objective of being able to provide ‘Best in Class’ solutions. This is reflected in the partnerships we have and the level of trust between those partners, ourselves and our clients.


A combination of our experience, the selected products and expertise from strategic partners, allows Solstar to address creatively, customer problems and work jointly on process improvement projects.

Solstar ‘Tool Box’ is quite simply a combination of our experience, application know-how and competitive or developing technology products from first class companies. In contrast to the ‘one stop shop’ offering by many of larger suppliers, Solstar’s approach is to offer objectively independent advice and solutions. Our goal is to make you more money, be this through efficiency gains, development of novel products or processes, or simply changing the way a problem is viewed.